About Elavate | Our Story

At the age of 16 our CEO, Nobles Darby, IV, joined DECA, a marketing program and student association hosted by his, then High School. Initially, Nobles joined because of the field trips and the competitions that members of this group would attend. Moreover, what attracted him to the program was the prospect of traveling to different states, and --being a foodie-- the Otis Spunkmeyer cookies that were cooked right in class!

At first thought he was ready to join based on the what he had heard ; then something more significant happened. As he sat through classes and presentations, he began to fall in love with marketing and it took a hold of him and began to consume his thoughts and ideas came like clockwork.

It was during this time that he told himself that one day he would start his own marketing company! Fast forwarding into 2011, he was introduced to a designer from Los Angeles who without having any physical meeting; designed our logo and executed seamless branding for Elavate Marketing via a Skype conversation and the rest is now becoming history.

Now owning his own marketing company has given him a new found love for marketing and the excitement it brings to our daily lives. Nobles wanted not just to start a marketing company but create a lifestyle to where marketing is not just what we do but who we are.

Our Mission| Making a Statement.

Elavate Marketing is about “elavating” ones business to the next level. Through innovative marketing strategies we push the envelope of “basic/typical” marketing tactics, and distinguish ourselves as the premier choice for “next level marketing.” We are at the forefront of helping brands communicate effectively and creatively to their consumers. With a customer first approach we serve as the vehicle driving clients to their destination of “elavation.” To us “elavating” is more than a word, it’s a lifestyle. We are Classic. We are Iconic. We are Innovative. We are Elavate Marketing…


Team Elavate| Working for You.

Nobles Darby, IV
CEO & Founder
  Hadassah Elder

Sieara Williams
Client Elavator

Shanette Brazzell
Director of Community Relations & Events